Ministry Partners

Group of African children that are supported through one of our ministry partnerships.

We make it a priority to give generously to organizations that are lifting the name of Jesus and helping people. When you choose to use Honor, you are choosing to feed the hungry, heal the sick, and take care of those in need, in GA, the US, and across the world through our ministry partners.

Autism & Special Needs

As a family with a child with autism, help and aid for individuals and families of the special needs community is near and dear to our hearts.

We partner with several organizations that help from therapy aid that would otherwise be too expensive here in the US to the medical needs of special needs individuals in third-world countries.

Honor is actively working to assist those in need through giving to these special people who are loved, cherished ,and bear God’s image.

Autism Awareness ribbon with puzzle pattern.
Group of Haitian children eating a meal and hugging, with Restore Haiti logo in top-left corner.

Restore Haiti

Restore Haiti’s mission is to empower the communities that we serve in Haiti to rise from a culture of desperation to one of restored hope and self-sustainability.

Our vision is to be a catalyst toward self-sustainability for those in need. We empower communities to rise up by serving as facilitators of partnerships between communities and organizations to provide education, healthcare, food, and basic living necessities.

Justice Ministry Network

The Justice Ministry Network (JMN) is a ministry that combats human trafficking.

Based near Atlanta, GA (a major hub for trafficking), the ministry serves communities by providing training about human trafficking in the United States. They teach how to prevent it, and how to serve victims, survivors, and exploiters seeking freedom and restoration.

JMN mobilizes members of the Christian faith towards ending modern slavery and ministering the Gospel to those in need of freedom.

Husband and wife posing in front of tree line. Leaders of the Justice Ministry Network.
Man speaking from temporary stage on a flatbed trailer. Leader of Into Darkness with Love.

Into Darkness with Love

This is a ministry of love for all those that are hurting and in need. Whether the needs are physical or emotional, our goal is to reach the “least of these” in the pursuit of the true gospel through the message of the cross.

We started Into The Darkness with Love simply by giving out cold drinks and sharing the Gospel on the streets of Gainesville. We eventually opened a church (Atlanta Street Mission) in one of the most dangerous projects of Gainesville. As a result, we saw an overflow of miracles, salvations and freedom from drug addiction simply by sharing the love of Christ.

The Lord has laid it upon our hearts to not only do all mentioned previously but to strengthen, encourage and make disciples of all men and women.
Our vision is to reach every needy, broken area in north Georgia and the world with His love.

Along with ministry in the US, we have established several feeding programs and churches in Africa.

The Mitchums in Thailand

The Mitchums have been serving as missionaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand since January 2017. Their heart's desire is to see all the nations of the world come to know and love the Lord, Jesus Christ. They have ministered among Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs in their travels, but their current burden is for Thai Buddhists.

Currently, less than 1% of Thailand’s 69 million people consider themselves Christians. It is their prayer as a family to see this number grow as the Gospel is faithfully preached among the Thai people.

The Mitchums have two arms for their ministry—their local church, and the foundation for which they volunteer. Their primary focus is their local church—Chiang Mai Sprout Church, where they serve in several different capacities. Jesse preaches and teaches, while Kenzie helps coordinate the children’s ministry. They host a fellowship group at their home, and both serve on the worship team.

The Mitchum family receives their visas to live in Thailand through The Family Connection Foundation (FCF), a Thai social foundation which has over 15 different projects which range from anti-human trafficking to children’s homes to food distribution. FCF is a Christian organization that seeks to use its good government standing to further the gospel through these various avenues. Jesse serves in leadership as the COO of the foundation as an unpaid volunteer while Kenzie volunteers at one of the projects.

Kenzie joyfully serving food to a boy from behind a foldable table set outside during an event in Thailand.